Where can I find the instruction manual for my bike?

You will find instruction manuals and other manuals on our homepage in the Service & Contact section under Manuals.

Where do find the model year of my ROTWILD bike?

The specialist dealer can use the serial number of your bike to check the product year with ROTWILD service.

Where do I find the frame number / serial number / article number of my ROTWILD bike?

The serial number of your bike is applied to the frame. Depending on the model, you will find this either on a separate sticker on the bottom tube or stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket.

How do I deal with error messages on my e-bike?

Please contact your ROTWILD specialist dealer in this case, He/she will be able to identify the error and take the appropriate steps. 

Can I as a user rectify any errors on my e-bike myself, e.g. in the case of error messages in the display?

No, only specialist dealers are authorized to rectify error messages. Please follow the directions in the display and consult a specialist dealer if an error message occurs. This is the only way to retain your warranty entitlement.

How can I obtain spare parts for my ROTWILD bike?

Spare parts for your ROTWILD bike are available from your ROTWILD specialist dealer. You can order a large selection of derailleur hangers, chain stay protectors, ahead caps and other original ROTWILD spare parts directly in the Online-Shop.

What is the procedure in the event of defects in the battery or motor?

The ROTWILD specialist dealer will pass on the defective battery or motor to the service partner, where it will be repaired or replaced accordingly. 

I have an older ROTWILD model with canti sockets but no disc brake mounts. Can I retrofit disc brakes?

We used to have a separate adapter for retrofitting disc brakes. Unfortunately, however, it has sold out and is no longer produced. If you are interested, we will be glad to send you the technical sketches for adapter and stainless steel threaded inlays.

Which is the right derailleur hanger for my ROTWILD bike?

You will find an overview of derailleur hangers and inlays under Assembly Instructions in the Service & Contact section.

My frame has crash damage. Is it possible to repair the frame?

It is not possible to make a general comment on this.

Aluminium: In this case, damage is generally visible because the material behaviour leads to plastic deformation (dents, cracks). Damage such as this should be examined by the specialist dealer or ROTWILD. Then it will be possible to decide whether the frame can still be ridden or will have to be replaced.

Carbon: Damage to carbon frames is not always visible. Various techniques (thermography, radiology, ultrasound) are available to detect damage. These cost-intensive techniques are generally used for quality assurance and are only of limited suitability for diagnosing whether it is possible to continue using the frame. For this reason, we recommend replacing the frame if there is any uncertainty.

For repairs to the frame in general, there are specialist companies which offer a wide range of services. As a matter of principle, any warranty entitlement/guarantee expires if repairs are carried out.

I have a ROTWILD frame with matt paint finish. Are there any special care instructions?

Yes, there are. Certain care instructions have to be observed for a frame with a matt finish so that the paint and surface are retained. Clean the frame thoroughly after every trip if possible, preferably using clear water and a sponge. If the bike is heavily soiled, add a mild, biologically degradable bicycle cleaning agent to the water. Do not use any pressure or steam cleaners as they may damage the paint finish, the bearings and also all the other components on the bicycle. Do not use any spirit for cleaning, no vinegar, no thinners or other solvent. Our tip: special microfibre cleaning cloths are available for matt finishes from specialist retailers or in the ROTWILD Online Shop.  

Can I have my frame repainted?

In principle yes, specialized companies that have experience with the specific properties of the material (aluminium/carbon) are able to paint/powder coat bicycle frames.  

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