Where can I find the instruction manual for my bike?

You will find instruction manuals and other manuals on our homepage in the Service & Contact section at Downloads.

Where do I find the frame number / serial number of my ROTWILD bike?

The serial number of your bike is attached to the frame. With ROTWILD MTBs the serial number is located in the lateral, lower area of the down tube. With ROTWILD E-MTBs and E-Bikes, the serial number is located on the bottom of the down tube near the motor housing.

How can I find out the model year of my ROTWILD Bike?

With the serial number of your bicycle, the specialist dealer can clarify the year of production with the ROTWILD service. 

How do I deal with error messages on my e-bike?

In this case please contact your ROTWILD dealer with the respective error code. He can identify the error and initiate the appropriate steps.

As a user, can i correct errors on my e-bike myself, e.g. if an error message appears on the display?

Under certain circumstances, restarting the system can correct the error clock cause, if this does not cause a change, please contact your dealer.

How can I obtain spare parts for my ROTWILD bike?

Spare parts for your ROTWILD bicycle are available at your ROTWILD specialist dealer. You can also order a large selection of derailleur hangers, chain stay protection, Ahead-caps and other original ROTWILD spare parts directly in the ROTWILD Online Shop.

What is the procedure in the event of defects in the battery or motor?

The defective battery or engine will be forwarded to our service department by the ROTWILD specialist dealer and repaired or replaced accordingly. 

Which is the right derailleur hanger for my ROTWILD bike?

You will find an overview of shifting eyes and inlays under the assembly instructions in the Service & Contact section.

My frame was damaged during a crash. Is it possible to repair the frame?

It is not possible to make a general statement on this.  

Aluminium: Damage is usually visible here, as plastic deformation (dents, dents, cracks) occurs due to the behaviour of the material. Such damages should be examined by the specialist dealer or by ROTWILD. Then it can be decided whether the frame can be ridden further or must be replaced.  

Carbon: Damage to carbon frames is not always obvious. Damage can be detected through various procedures (thermography, radiology, ultrasound). These cost-intensive procedures are usually used for quality assurance and are only conditionally suitable for diagnosing further use of the frame. For this reason, we recommend replacing the frame in case of uncertainty.  

For repairs to frames in general, there are specialized companies that offer a wide range of services. As a general rule, the warranty/guarantee expires through repairs.   

I have a ROTWILD frame with matt paint finish. Are there any special care instructions?

Yes, with a matt frame, certain care instructions must be followed so that the colour and surface are retained. If possible, clean the frame thoroughly after every ride, preferably using clear water and a sponge. If the frame is very dirty, add a mild, biodegradable bicycle cleaning agent to the water. Do not use a pressure or steam jet, as this can damage the paintwork, storage and all other components of the bicycle. Do not use spirit, vinegar, thinner or other solvents for cleaning.

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