How do I find the right bike model for me?

Our Bike-Navigator helps you to find the right model. Simply enter your requirements using the filter system. Then you will see a selection of models that match your wishes.

Where can I test ROTWILD models?

ROTWILD models can be tested by visiting the events organized for this purpose or your specialist dealer. You will find a list of test events in the Events section under Community & News

Where can I find explanations of the ROTWILD technologies?

You will find our technologies and developments at Engineering and in our knowledge database. If you have any further queries, please send them to us and help us expand our knowledge database.  

Where can I find data on the frame geometry for the models?

You will find current frame sizes including the complete geometry data below the general product information for each model on our website or in our ROTWILD Online Shop. Shop

How does ROTWILD test frames and components?

As part of our development process, innovations undergo extensive trials on our testing facilities and in practice. ROTWILD bikes comply with the current safety standards:

  • EN 14766 (MTB) EN 14781 (Road bike)
  • EN 14764 (Trekking bike)
  • EN 15195 (EPAC)
  • EFBe Maximum overload
  • EFBe EPAC Test  

ROTWILD E-MTBs also comply with the following:

  • DIN EN ISO 12100:2010 Safety of machinery
  • DIN EN 15194:2009+A1:2011 Electrically power assisted cycles
  • EPAC as well as Directive 2006/42/EC Machinery.

Why doesn’t ROTWILD publish any weights of bicycles or frames?

Frames: There are no uniform specifications on how to determine the weight of the frame (headset, axles, etc.). In this respect, any values given are only comparable to a limited extent.

Complete bike: Every component on a bike is a source of weight fluctuation. It is therefore difficult to provide a serious indication of the overall weight without quoting tolerances. To obtain a precise figure for weight, we recommend weighing the bike at the dealer’s premises.

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