Where can I obtain up-to-date information on the Brose e-Bike system?

 You will find up-to-date information and news on the Brose e-Bike system on the Brose homepage.

How and why is the e-MTB regulated/limited?

With your ROTWILD e-MTB, you are using a vehicle not subject to registration, limited to 25 km/h and with an average rated output of 250 W. As a result, they are classified under traffic regulations as bicycles = pedelecs.

Can the timing belt break?

The timing belt uses proven technology in which the belt is tuned to the application, distance covered and load. Nevertheless, if the timing belt should happen to break, it is possible to continue pedalling without causing any damage to the motor.  

Can the bike also be ridden when the motor is switched off or the battery is flat?

Yes, it can. This is precisely one of the key strengths of the Brose drive system. In this case, the electric power and that applied by the rider are completely separated from one another by a freewheel between electric motor and chainwheel. Consequently, in Off mode, the rider does not have to move any gear stages, but can propel the chainwheel as is customary.

Is there a pushing aid?

Yes, there is a pushing aid. To activate this, it is necessary to select the support level ‘Off’ on the controls. If the button is pressed continuously, the pushing aid cuts in. It switches off automatically as soon as the button is released. While the pushing aid is being used, the bicycle must be steered securely with both hands. Please note that the engineering design means that the pedals can turn at the same time and need sufficient room to move.