Warranty & Guarantee

Who should I contact in the event of complaints and technical problems?

If you have any technical problems or warranty/guarantee claims, please contact your specialist ROTWILD dealer. You can also obtain assistance with technical issues in the ROTWILD forum.  

How many years of warranty and guarantee do I have?

In principle, the statutory warranty applies. ROTWILD grants additionally a voluntary manufacturer warranty for the first rightful owner after product registration via www.rotwild.com. Click on warranty and warranty conditions for more information.

Does the warranty also apply if I buy a used bike, from eBay for example?

No, the warranty only applies to the first owner. Please read the complete Warranty and Guarantee Conditions in this connection.

What is the situation with the warranty for original parts and components?

Original parts or components are generally protected by the guarantee of the respective manufacturer of the part or component, and claims have to be made via your specialist dealer or the relevant manufacturer. You will find further information in the Warranty and Guarantee Conditions.

Where can I register to extend the warranty?

Online registration for the voluntary manufacturer’s warranty must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase at Product Registration on our website by the first rightful owner. This warranty comes into effect from the date of purchase; it applies exclusively to the first rightful owner and is not transferrable. This warranty applies exclusively to ROTWILD bicycles that have been purchased from an authorized specialist dealer or distribution partner.

Does ROTWILD offer a crash replacement?

We offer a Crash Replacement Service within the warranty period (two years as standard, three years with online registration). Please read the complete Warranty and Guarantee Conditions in this connection.

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