What do I do if...?

At this point we would like to give you a first aid checklist with some measures that you can check yourself in the first step. However, we would like to point out that this checklist is not exhaustive. From our experience, however, the first sources of error can already be eliminated.

We recommend, however, that you contact your dealer for any problems with the drive system of your ROTWILD E-MTB and have a complete error diagnosis carried out. An E-MTB is an electric motor-assisted bicycle that is subject to special guidelines.

Can I remove the battery and charge it indoors?

With ROTWILD E-MTBs with IPU.500 the battery is firmly integrated in the frame and cannot be removed. Please charge the battery according to the specifications using the supplied charger. A corresponding charging socket is integrated in the frame.
With ROTWILD E-MTBs with IPU.660.R or IPU.750, the battery can either be charged via the charging socket on the frame or it can be removed for charging. Please always follow the operating instructions of your E-MTB​​​​​​​.

Can I replace the battery myself?

To maintain warranty coverage, do not open the sealed battery case or replace the battery itself. For repair purposes or exchange, please contact a certified ROTWILD specialist dealer. Please also refer to the operating instructions of your E-MTB.

How far can I travel on one battery charge?

The respective range depends very much on the choice of the support level as well as many other external factors such as ground, weather, weight of the driver or the altitude profile of the chosen route. For this reason, it is difficult or impossible to make a general statement about the distance to be covered with one battery charge.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

IPU.500: The charging time of the battery is approx. 2.5 h for a complete emptying up to an 80% charge, up to a 100% charge approx. 3.5 h.

IPU.660.R: The charging time of the battery is approx. 3.25 h for a complete emptying up to 80% charge and approx. 4.55 h for a 100% charge.

IPU.750: The charging time of the battery is approx. 4.00 h for a complete emptying up to 80% charge, approx. 6.00 h for a 100% charge.

Can I increase my battery capacity by using an additional battery?

With ROTWILD E-MTBs, which have a removable battery (IPU.660.R or IPU.750), another battery can be carried in the backpack and changed during the tour. To remove and insert a battery into your ROTWILD E-MTB, always follow the operating instructions of your E-MTB.

How do I store and charge the battery?

Bicycle, battery and charger have to be stored in a dry place. Cool temperatures do not damage the battery during storage. Safety reasons mean that it is not possible to charge the battery through the control device below 0 degrees as this may result in damage to the battery. To maintain its performance, the battery should be charged every eight weeks. The battery may only be charged with the charging device supplied! Please observe the Instruction Manual for this.

How does the battery respond at cold temperatures?

Exposure to cold on the lithium-ion batteries may reduce the possible range. 

What warranty do I have for the battery?

Please refer to the relevant section on our website for information on warranty and guarantee.

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