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Wir möchten Ihnen an dieser Stelle eine Erste Hilfe Checkliste mit einigen Maßnahmen an die Hand geben, die Sie im ersten Schritt selber überprüfen können. Wir weisen allerdings ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass diese Checkliste nicht abschließend ist. Aus unserer Erfahrung lassen sich so aber bereits erste Fehlerquellen beseitigen.

Wir empfehlen jedoch bei jeglichen Problemen mit dem Antriebssystem Ihres ROTWILD E-MTBs, Ihren Fachhändler zu kontaktieren und eine ganzheitliche Fehlerdiagnose durchführen zu lassen. Bei einem E-MTB handelt sich um ein elektromotorisch unterstütztes Fahrrad, das besonderen Richtlinien unterliegt.

Can I remove the battery and charge it indoors?

The battery is permanently integrated in the frame and cannot be removed. Please charge the battery according to the specifications, using the charger provided. A corresponding charging socket is integrated in the frame. Please additionally observe the Instruction Manual for your e-MTB in this connection.

Can I replace the battery myself?

In order to retain your warranty entitlement, you must not open the sealed battery housing or replace the battery yourself. For purposes of repair or exchange, please contact a certified ROTWILD specialist dealer. Please also observe the Instruction Manual for your e-MTB in this connection.

Why can’t I remove the battery?

In order to ensure optimum dynamics and the maximum possible riding fun, an integrated design has been selected for the frame and drive unit. The optimum utilization of the design space that his permits achieves a weight saving of 10% and on average a 15% increase in frame rigidity (head tube and bottom bracket stiffness).

Which cells are used?

Model year 2015: The battery comprises lithium-ion cells (Layout 10S4P // 40 cells of type INR18650 MH1 – 3,200 mAh/cell), the overall battery output is 461 Wh.  

Model year 2015: The battery comprises lithium-ion cells (Layout 10S4P // 40 cells of type INR18650 MH1 – 3,500 mAh/cell), the overall battery output is 518 Wh.  

How far can I travel on one battery charge?

Depending on the mode selected, one battery charge will last for up to 140 km or 1,500 metres in altitude. However, the specific range does depend heavily on the support mode selected. It also depends on many other factors, such as individual riding style and terrain covered.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The time taken to recharge a completely flat battery up to 80% charge level is approx. 2.5 h and up to a charge level of 100% approx. 3.5 h.

Can I increase my battery capacity or use an additional battery?

Battery capacity can be increased by means of an additional range extender with 250 Wh.

How do I store and charge the battery?

Bicycle, battery and charger have to be stored in a dry place. Cool temperatures do not damage the battery during storage. Safety reasons mean that it is not possible to charge the battery through the control device below 0 degrees as this may result in damage to the battery. To maintain its performance, the battery should be charged every eight weeks. The battery may only be charged with the charging device supplied! Please observe the Instruction Manual for this.

How does the battery respond in the cold?

The effect of cold may reduce the range of the lithium-ion batteries. An outside temperature between 5 °C and 35 °C causes no restrictions. The working temperature range is between -10 °C and +50 °C.  

What warranty do I have for the battery?

The warranty for the battery is two years or 500 full charging cycles from the invoice date for the bike. After this, the battery should have at least more than 70% residual capacity.

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