Heading for new shores: red can also be green

2007 to 2011

Being young again

R.E.D. is lifted from the cradle.

R.E.D. Presentation in Saalbach

When you make a stag of yourself.

Richie Schley becomes ROTWILD brand ambassador

Eurobike 2007

R.S1 CX (2007)

The requirements for the material are specified in the cross-country Cycling very high. Light as a racing bike and robust like a mountain bike, the R.S1 CX is a true specialist off the road. ROTWILD goes also here its own away and gives the Crosser disc brakes for the first time - long before international cycling federations officially allow this improvement in competition.

ROTWILD production (2008)

ROTWILD supplies the frames for the Team Topeak Ergon

Irina Kalentjewa becomes Olympic and Mountain Bike World Champion (2008 + 2009)

R.R2 (2008)

For the full carbon hardtail R.R2, the engineers have dedicated each individual layer and develop distinctive Channeltube carbon tubes. This technology helps Irina Kalentieva on a tube-to-tube process manufactured ROTWILD series frame to their first Cross Country World Championship title.

R.GT2 (2009)

The R.GT2 stands for a real long-distance athlete and uses the Active Linkage System, which has proven itself in racing with the Channeltube technology in an All Mountain together. The low weight, the propulsion-oriented chassis, but also the two bottle holders aim to the sporting use in heavy marathons or stage races. 130 mm spring travel gives the Jack of all trades, reserves for the rough and tumble.

Industry meeting: Dirtmasters Festival 2009

Frank "Lippe" Weckert, Richie Schley, Johanna Stephan, Ole Wittrock

A MTB legend you can touch: Richie Schley

Photo shooting 2010: This is the way to go

R.X1 (2010)

For the first time, the ROTWILD engineers set with the frame Hydroforming in combination with different wall thicknesses and modify the XMS suspension system for more applications in the demanding Terrain. A compact geometry for more control in Downhill sections, specially adapted suspension elements, but also detailed solutions such as the bearing technology or the retractable seat post make the trail ride with the R.X1 to a new experience.

R.X2 (2011)

The All Mountain R.X2 embodies the ROTWILD vision of a mountain bike in all points: low weight, outstanding driving dynamics and an efficient chassis. Technological highlight is the carbon frame, which is handmade in the module monocoque technology process. It is not for nothing that the R.X2 has received outstanding awards in many tests.

ROTWILD Carbon frame: Handmade in every detail

R.S2 "Berghex" of Kerstin Brachtendorf

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