Arrived in reality: success needs more than innovative wheels

2002 to 2006

ILR (Ideal Level Riding)

Seat and head tube angles can be adjusted up to 2° using a quick release system

One must celebrate festivals as they fall

Peter and Pedro's birthday.

RFC.01 (2002)

The new Freecross concept with 120 mm spring travel covers a range of use from cross country to freeride. Uphill or downhill: Besides the suspension travel adjustment with the ILR system (ideal level riding) you can also seat and head tube angles up to 2° via a Adapt quick clamping system.

Pedro in conversation with the press

Prototype of the RCC.08

Cape Epic 2003

The RCC.08 in operation at Cape Epic

A new era begins

ROTWILD produces the frames in Taiwan.

And starts with the assembly at the location in Germany.

RCC1.0 R (2003)

Trend-setting: For marathon competition ROTWILD presents the RCC1.0 R, which, besides its improved Channel Tube aluminium main frame for the first time a rear end made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic. The Active Strut Shock System with 50 mm spring travel combines the advantages of the hardtail with of a fullspension bike and thus highest traction with fatigue-free driving over long distances. Transalp, TransRockies or Cape Epic, the system celebrates on the toughest race tracks.

RSR0.5 (2004)

State of the art technology: The aluminium frame of RSR0.5 is implemented with the greatest possible effort and is superior to many carbon racers at that time. No other frame manufacturer builds frames with highly stressed areas up to eightfold conifer tubes, elaborately milled, partly hollow dropouts and double shell bottom bracket shell. At the Olympic Distance the RSR0.5 drives to the triathlon world championship title of the juniors.

ROTWILD goes Olympic Games

2004 Sebastian Dehmer starts in Athens.

Prototype road bike

RCR1.0 (2005)

Fitness, commuting, driving tours: How to integrate suitability for everyday use in a highly sporty bike, which has Mountain Bike Gene not denied? This is possible in the RCR1.0 through an integrable luggage carrier system as well as specially developed components, which allow the attachment of Simplify mudguards and side stands.

Presentation RFC.05 in Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Roc d'Azur 2006

Study 2006

RFC0.4 (2006)

Drive and brake neutral, yet sensitively responsive and developed for the hardest demands - with in downhill world cup carbon rear struts the new XLS system sets new standards in the segment the All Mountain Bikes with a lot of suspension travel. For the first time "Anti-Squat": For more traction and better pedalling the rear triangle was designed in such a way that it can be Acceleration actively counteracts the deflection.

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