The wild beginnings: Not always red, but always wild!

1996 to 2001

Official recognition: The mark is now registered

Bike Festival Riva: The first bikes are ready to ride

RDH.P1 (1996)

Raw aluminium in voluminous tube form, clear design language, visible welding seams, unusual parts and a German product name: ROTWILD sets a special exclamation mark with its very first bike in 1996. Toothed belt drive, electronic gear shift, carbon fork as well as the first disc brake make clear: Here pure engineering art is created!

Stefan Herrmann shows everyone how to ride downhill

Concentrated mechanic competence: Danny Herz and Bowie

RCC.02 (1997)

In the first seriesfully the ROTWILD engineers realize an active single joint suspension system. A technical specialty is the axially adjustable main swing arm bearing with special full ball filling. Geometry and function characterize all following generations since the first bike. The bike immediately wins 2nd place in the readers' vote for the bike of the year.

RFR.01 (1998)

The ROTWILD FreeRide Bike lays the foundation for a new bike category. With its adjustable With a shock absorber position of up to 135 mm suspension travel and its groundbreaking geometry, the concept achieves a high degree of versatility for different terrain. From a 1998 perspective, the RFR.01 represents the ideal of a perfect All Mountains.

The Fiat Automobil AG supports the team "ROTWILD" from 1998

Regina Stiefl enriches the team and causes a stir - not only on the bike

Michael Deldycke rides with ROTWILD in the Downhill World Cup

Cape Epic: The Fiat ROTWILD team in action

RCC.04 (1999)

The independent design language makes it immediately visible: Now it's easy. The handmade Easton Scandium Aluminium frame and carefully developed milled parts reduce the frame weight to under 1,400 grams. For for the first time a race geometry with the same longer top tube. Replaceable derailleur hangers and compatibility for disc brakes are on the market not self-evident - but for ROTWILD.


Always up for a joke: Danny

RDH.04 PS (2000)

A low centre of gravity for best weight balance, spring deflections up to 230 mm and an elaborately reinforced Frames are benchmark - the exclusive Pullshock Suspension system of the RDH.04 PS Teambike does not generate only on the international world cup downhill tracks Attention. Downhill mountain biking becomes more and more popular and ROTWILD goes also here with technical solutions.

RCC.08 (2001)

ROTWILD presents its specially developed Aluminium tube set: the up to 8-fold conifed Channel Tube Shape. Each tube is in terms of weight and stiffness optimized for racing use and designed for maximum loads. Preceded by are intensive research work in data recording procedure. Operational load determinations and finite element Simulation methods become components of the of development.

Unemployed team mechanic: Danny plans the next tour

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