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The wild beginnings: Not always red, but always wild!

From 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds: Peter Schlitt and Peter "Pedro" Böhm start the project ROTWILD. That speed is not always everything, shows up with the first frames: So the downhillers come in a nice old pink instead of REDWILD red, because the wrong colour tone is chosen in the RAL fan. But in the end it is only in the chaos that it shows who is a real master: Stefan Herrmann becomes world champion on an unfinished bike downhill and ROTWILD wins the renowned RedDot Design Award. With Fiat they get a big name sponsor and with Regina Stiefl a mountain bike world cup winner for the racing team. Her Playboy appearance causes a lot of fuss, but the negotiations with the Italians become much easier afterwards. What might be the reason for that? Viva Italia - also applies to the production. ROTWILD moves the production to Italy. Culinary without question a good decision: Pasta and espresso are excellent. Apart from that it is mostly Bella Figura: Visually the frames are always an eye-catcher, but unfortunately you never know when they will be delivered. To the years 1996 to 2001

Arrived in reality: success needs more than innovative wheels.

But to be successful, you need more than innovative bicycles. The two engineers open up to new topics - not entirely voluntarily: they rely on specialists in brand management, sales and controlling. Peter Schlitt has to make a decision: Draw frames or manage business. For technological reasons, production is moved from Italy to Tawain and the company starts its own assembly of complete bikes at the location in Germany. To the years 2002 to 2006

Heading for new shores: red can sometimes be green.

You focus on your strengths and win: the Topeak Ergon Team. This proves that you can also become world champion with ROTWILD series bikes - several times even. It is certainly not due to the green colour of the wheels. Sturm und Drang germinates or the question: What happened to the wild times? R.E.D. (= ROTWILD Extreme Department) is lifted from the cradle. Young, extreme, suitable for big or deep jumps, the line should inspire the youth - or bring back your own? Richie Schley, freeride legend and MTB pioneer, is engaged as brand ambassador. R.E.D. leaves, Richie stays - and supports ROTWILD from now on. To the years 2007 to 2012

Now it's time to take off: ROT & WILD shows what the heart beats for.

Malicious tongues claim that the fragile stag in the logo was responsible for frame breaks in the past. Not every correlation is a causality. Nevertheless, a re-design is coming and ROTWILD now carries its power, dynamics and passion to the outside with pride. RED & WILD lives. And who says that in Abu Dhabi people only ride camels? With the new cooperation partner AMG, ROTWILD shows the sheikhs how to ride a bike. This is the beginning of a partnership which will result in a joint professional mountain bike team and special models based on AMG top models. Big wheels come into fashion. Unfortunately the flow is missing when riding. ROTWILD succeeds in adapting the frames in such a way that the rider with large diameters can get around the curve without having to reverse. Also before MTBs the electrification does not stop, E-MTBs start their triumphal march. ROTWILD sets the benchmark with a full integration of battery and drive: 100% E-MTB = 100% MTB. To the years 2012 to 2016

Electrifying years

Because nothing is as constant as change, the mountain bike world also feels very quickly how strongly E-MTBs fascinate more and more. Whether downhill, enduro or cross-country, the diversification does not stop now also before the bikes with support, in each category new models arise. Higher and further, for the really big tours in the Big Mountains, new paths must be taken, so ROTWILD is developing its own platform for the summit strikers. To Big comes Light, because less can sometimes simply mean even more fun. The Aggressive Series brings the classic MTB riding experience into the E-MTB world. On the race tracks off-road and on asphalt ROTWILD provides enthusiasm, with some the passion even goes under the skin. Whether customers are the most critical testers cannot be proven exactly. Their experiences, however, certainly flow into the ratings when you vote ROTWILD two times in a row as "EMTB of the Year". To the years 2017 to 2021

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