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Our passion is reflected by our name: Advanced Development Products.

ADP Engineering GMBH is a German engineering office, which was founded in 1994 by Peter Böhm and Peter Schlitt. The company’s first product was an innovative brake booster made of carbon capable of improving the performance of rim brakes. Since 1996, ADP has been developing, producing and marketing the high-end mountain bikes of the ROTWILD brand. In addition, ADP Engineering is also a development partner for the automotive industry and a supplier of rehabilitation technology.

Innovation "Made in Germany". Since 1994.

In the beginning there was a problem - and a clever solution. At the beginning of the nineties many forks and frames were not designed for the forces of the new V-brakes. At the BIKE Festival in Riva in 1994, ADP founders Peter Schlitt and Peter Böhm presented their first product: the Brake Booster Evolution One. The lightweight carbon brake booster greatly improved the performance, controllability and pressure point of V-brakes and made ADP Engineering famous from the start.

After various development contracts in the bicycle industry, ADP Engineering founded the bicycle brand ROTWILD in 1996. Already the first ROTWILD prototype showed a trend-setting design and defined the state of the bike technology.

Many of the visionary ADP concepts of that time are state of the art in the bicycle industry today - full suspension, disc brake, toothed belt drive, electronic shift and carbon dip tubes on a double bridge fork. The ROTWILD models carry this heritage until today: The newest technology, an integrated design and independent development approaches make the products of ADP Engineering unique.

High-end brand ROTWILD is the figurehead of ADP Engineering

The high-end brand ROTWILD is the best known figurehead of ADP Engineering. With the start of serial production in 1996, ROTWILD wins the Downhill World Championship of the Master class. Since then we have been producing technology for the best athletes in the world in series. Dynamics, efficiency and unique performance become noticeable for ROTWILD riders. ROTWILD mountain bikes are "Handmade in Germany". Therefore we can guarantee highest quality from the first draft to the finished mountain bike. Our mountain bikes are not defined by the sum of the parts used. A ROTWILD originates from the passion for design and technology and always offers the best total package for the respective use - from cross-country racer to freerider.


Engineering from passion, holistic design, highest efficiency and performance: ADP develops high performance products for renowned customers from the automotive industry, the two-wheel industry and for suppliers of sophisticated prosthetics, including Audi, Brose, Flik, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes, Ottobock, Porsche and Zemo.

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