Who we are

How it all began

In 1996, following various development contracts in the bicycle industry, ADP Engineering GmbH, headquartered in the southern German town of Dieburg, established the ROTWILD bicycle brand. When series production started up in 1996, ROTWILD won the downhill World Championships Master Class. Several world championship titles in marathon and cross-country followed as well as Olympic medals, establishing ROTWILD as a high-end brand for mountain bikes.  

Intensive research forms the basis of our work

We conduct intensive research and development in our own laboratories. This is further supported by computer-assisted simulations and access to state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. Our professional involvement in top-level sport supplies additional feedback for product development.

Intensive Forschung ist die Basis unserer Arbeit

Für die Entwicklung wird in Versuchslaboren intensive Grundlagenforschung betrieben, hinzu kommen rechnergestützte Simulationen und der Zugang zu modernsten Fertigungstechniken. Durch den professionellen Einsatz im Leistungssport fließt weiteres Feedback in die Produktentwicklung ein.

Winning respect

ROTWILD is widely respected for its technology and on numerous occasions has been named “Bike of the Year” by MountainBIKE magazine, Motorpresse Stuttgart.  

From the very outset, ROTWILD has received honours from the judges of various design competitions:

  • Communication Arts Design Annual, Award of Excellence, 1996
  • Honorary award for supreme design quality, German award for communication design, 1996
  • IF Product Design Award for Excellent Industrial Design, 1997
  • ADC Competition, Award for Package /Form Design, 1997
  • ADC New York Annual Award, Merit Award, 1997
  • European Regional Design Award, Certificate of Design Excellence, 1998
  • Red Dot Award Communication Design, Brand Design Relaunch, 2013
  • Red Dot Award Product Design, Carbon Full-Suspension Race Bike R.R2 FS 29 Team, 2014

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