Quentin Champion

Born: 15.01.1993 – Saint Rémy
Residence: Dennevey – close to Châlon sur Saône
Team: Rotwild E-MTB Racing
Coach: none
Club: Vélo Sport Club Beaunois

What does your typical day look like, Quentin?

I get up at around 6:45 am and start the day with a good breakfast. Then, I go to work. I'm a technical agent in the automation section of an oil transportation company. In the afternoon I leave my job around 04:30 pm. which allows me to train for 2-3 hours. When I come back home I take a shower and prepare my dinner as I am alone during the week. After dinner I spend some time in front of my computer or television to relax. At the weekends I do long bike trips with friends in the morning and try to meet some others for a drink or dinner in the evening.

And what are your goals, what motivates you?

I'm going to participate in the final round of the EWS in Ligure – Italy, the french Championship and Crankworx DH in ‘Les GETS’ and a few cups of french DH. I hope to be among the top 5 in the E-MTB class and the top 20 in the Enduro series.