Morgane Such

Born: 26.09.1994 – Marseille
Residence: Marseille
Team: Rotwild E-MTB Racing
Coach: Ronan Oppeneau
Club: Cyclo Club Lascours

What does your typical day look like, Morgane?

My days vary a lot depending on my school and my training schedules. Generally I get up between 6:30 am and 7:00 am. My first instinct is to check my phone for a couple of few minutes and monitor my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat ...). Then the moment follows that is most sacred to me : BREAKFAST !! I eat a lot in the morning and I really take my time (about 30 minutes) as it allows me to start the day in a proper way. I try to do my training in the morning because that’s when I feel best. I leave around 8:15 am and I return at home to eat around 01:00 pm. This is the time of the day when I check all my emails as well. In the afternoon, I try to go to class in college or I work at home. I often spend my day with my friends because they are very important for me in order to relieve the stress between sports and studies. In the evening I am often at home. I usually eat early with my parents, go to bed at 21:30 and sleep directly. Of course, sometimes I spend the evening outside with my friends and go to sleep very, very late but this is very exceptional.

And what are your goals, what motivates you?

I have thrown myself into a master of Management of sports organizations, my main objective is to go through that while maintaining my sporting activity. So far, I have managed my training and studies; you only must be organized. For this year, my goal is to perform at specific races. Last year I entered the Enduro World Series which really helped me preparing my targets for 2016 and the following years. In a best case scenario, I hope to finish my studies next year. Then I can totally devote myself to enduro racing to finally measure up to most of my competitors who are already professional cyclist. That’s a big advantage!  


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Morgane Such Interview

French Morgane Such started racing mountain bikes at the age of five. Today, the 21 year old female racer is a solid member of the the ROTWILD-Team France. In the interview, she talks about her passion for riding and racing Enduro, her training schedule and her plans for the upcoming season.

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