CE marking on mountain bikes and eMTBs


CE marking was set up by the European Union. The aim of the system is that only products may be sold that are safe for use by end users throughout the EU and the European Economic Area. In simple terms, this means that the CE mark is like a technical passport for a product; it allows the product to be sold throughout the EU single market without restrictions.

The safety requirements for the respective product are laid down in various EU Directives. Due to the motor, e-bikes fall under the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. With a CE mark this documents that as a “machine”, the eMTB has met the requirements of the EU Directive. In addition, DIN EN 15194 stipulates that as an EPAC (electrically power assisted cycle), an eMTB must bear a CE mark. With conventional mountain bikes, manufacturers must also use the CE mark to confirm that the bikes comply with the requirements of the EU Directives.

Legally, the CE mark is not a seal of quality. It merely demonstrates that the product fulfils the minimum statutory requirements.

Practical consequences

As a manufacturer, it is ROTWILD's responsibility to consider which EU Directives must be applied to the design and production of the bikes. This is because a product may only be placed on the market and put into service if it corresponds with the requirements of all applicable Directives at that time. If parts are changed on a bike or additional elements added over the course of time, the manufacturer may no longer be able to guarantee that the bike continues to meet the requirements of the CE mark.

For example, if a kickstand is mounted on the chain stays or the permitted headlights are replaced with a different set, the CE mark is no longer valid and this extinguishes the bike manufacturer's liability.

Only use approved components

As the manufacturer we have developed a CE-compliant solution to fulfil customers’ individual requirements, such as mounting a kickstand on your mountain bike. The kickstand adapter, an exchangeable inlay on the back axle, allows a kickstand to be mounted securely. This method of attachment is different to mounting it on the chain stays and conforms to the safety requirements of the EU Directive. However, it should be considered that bikes with mounted kickstands can be used in fewer circumstances. Forest paths and light touring is unproblematic. On terrain or trails, however, ground clearance is lower and must be taken into account.

On an e-bike the front headlights must be exactly adjusted to the rest of the eMTB's electronics. Unapproved headlights may damage the battery, the motor control system or the functioning of the display due to the difference in voltage.

Currently, both Supernova Mini 2 and Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlights are approved for ROTWILD e-bikes. The use of alternative headlights is not approved even if they are the same wattage as the Supernova lights. The Machinery Directive/EN15194 prescribes an EMC test of the entire system.

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