Tests during and after completion of the development process are one of the most important components, along with the idea and realisation, if you want to manufacture reliable products.

EMC Test

During operation, all electrical devices generate electromagnetic fields. This also applies to E-MTBs. To ensure that such electromagnetic radiation does not interfere with other devices, the DIN EN 15194:17 guideline defines the criteria for the electromagnetic compatibility of e-bikes. The EMC test checks whether a pedelec meets these criteria.

How we test the electromagnetic compatibility

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

The Machinery Directive of the European Parliament regulates a uniform level of protection for the prevention of accidents for machines and partly completed machines sold within the EU. Since e-bikes (EPACs) are also covered by the term "machines" according to this directive, all manufacturers wishing to sell products in the EU must meet the requirements of the directive.

This has to be achieved when constructing pedelecs and E-MTBs

EFBE Sicherheitstests

Die EFBE Prüftechnik GmbH ist ein unabhängiges Prüflabor für mechanische Prüfungen von Fahrrädern und Komponenten. ROTWILD Bikes werden hier regelmäßig im Hinblick auf Sicherheit und Qualität getestet.

Hintergründe zu Sicherheitstests bei MTBs, E-MTBs und E-Bikes

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