Our aim is to develop the ideal suspension system for every application in order to offer maximum dynamics and riding enjoyment. Kinematic analysis of the entire system forms the basis for our chassis development. This includes determination of the virtual pivot point as well as the wheel trajectory curve, but also the pedal kickback and the transmission ratios between rear swing arm and shock absorber.

Virtual pivot point (instant centre)

The virtual pivot point describes a point that moves through the compression process, also known as the instant centre of rotation.

Determination of the virtual pivot point

Wheel trajectory curve

In addition to the position of the virtual pivot point, the wheel trajectory curve also has a crucial influence on the mountain bike kinematics. The wheel trajectory curve is determined by a straight line for the instant centre, which passes through the virtual pivot point and the axis of the rear wheel.

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Pedal kickback

The pedal kickback describes the change in length of the chainstay over the spring extension phase and is determined by the direct distance between bottom bracket and rear wheel axle.

More about pedal kickback

Gear transmission ratio

The transmission ratio comes from the net result of the moments, which is calculated from the forces on the rear wheel and on the shock absorber.

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