Modular Headset I (MHS)

The Modular Headset I (MHS I) has been developed entirely by ROTWILD and offers a variety of different configuration options to adapt the frame for individual use.

Semi-integrated design permits easy replacement

The MHS I headset has a semi-integrated design, i.e. the headset bearings are integrated in aluminium shells, which are pressed into the specially developed frame head tube at the factory. It is therefore possible to replace the headset parts or shells or change the configuration of the MHS I at any time. 

The ball bearings we use are completely sealed, stainless steel 45° angular contact ball bearings to absorb the axial and radial forces that act in the headset section. Unlike many headsets available on the market, our MHS I bearing shells including the ball bearings are fully protected against the ingress of dirt from the outside by means of three additional external seals. 

Adaptation of the head tube angle +/ - 1.5°

Adaptation of the head tube angle

The MHS I is part of the frameset and pressed into the head tube in what is known as a “zero configuration” as supplied from the factory. In the case of 34/140 mm suspension forks this is equivalent to a head tube angle of 67°. As an option the upper bearing housing can be replaced by a special 1.5° bearing housing, which reduces the effective head tube angle to a shallow 65.5° or increases it to a steep 68.5°.

Influences on riding dynamics

Changing the head tube angle has a strong impact on the dynamic riding properties and geometry of the frame, as the dimensions that change include height of bottom bracket, reach, seat post angle and wheelbase.

65.5° version of head tube angle: The shallow head tube angle biases the character of the bike towards descent. The wheelbase increases, the steering behaviour become less agile and, because the front wheel makes contact with obstacles earlier due to its forward-positioning, the flip-over sensation decreases when riding over or descending steep ledges or steps.

68.5° version of head tube angle In general a steeper steering angle equates with better manoeuvrability and lighter steering movements, which is expressed in more agile riding characteristics.


The MHS I AR is a headset with an integrated steering stop. The 65° swing angle to both sides prevents the fork and the handlebars from hitting the frame. Like with the MHS 1, the MHS I AR is manufactured as a semi-integrated component and the exchangeable cups to be easily substituted out at any time. The MHS I AR is installed in all ROTWILD eMTBs as standard.

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