ROTWILD Modular Riding Concept (MRC)

The new ROTWILD Modular Riding Concept offers riders many options to adapt the dynamic properties of the frame to their own individual preferences. To this end, the different requirements in any use were subjected to comprehensive analysis in terms of suspension travel and geometry. During the analysis, two important points were identified on the frame that form the basis of the MRC frame concept: the length of chainstay and the head tube angle.

Multiple Dropout Inlay (MDI)

3-D dropouts allow the use of wheels with various axle systems. And in return a faster and easier realisation of individual requirements. Exchangeable inserts for different quick-releases and shafts are available. At the same time, the anodised inserts provide mechanical protection on both sides for all ROTWILD models since 2004. More about our MDI concept

Modular Headset (MHS)

The Modular Headset I (MHS I) has been developed entirely by ROTWILD in combination with the X frame and offers a variety of different configuration options to adapt the frame for individual use in the All Mountain sector. More about our MHS I

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