ROTWILD Integrated Power Unit (IPU)

Schematic drawing IPU – Integrated Power Unit by ADP Engineering, Pat. Nr. DE 10 2014 218 036.8

The ROTWILD IPU consists of a motor and the battery unit developed by us. The aim in development was to integrate the two elements completely within the bike frame in order to retain the dynamic riding characteristics (geometry and kinematics) of classical mountain bikes. The system of the IPU has been registered as a patent with the European Patent Office under Reg. No. DE 10 2014 218 036.8.


For this purpose, the engine housing as an integral part of the frame is bolted to the down tube battery unit and the frame - the down tube battery unit thus becomes the supporting element within the frame construction. The compact design also allows us to realize short rear end lengths or to position the pivot points, which are important for the development of full-suspension frames, accordingly.

The ROTWILD energy storage units are individually adapted to the target group needs and offer a battery capacity of 750 Wh or 375 Wh. With minimal, low positioned weight as well as newest, high performance cell technology (type 21700) they are benchmark. They can be charged in installed or removed condition.

BROSE and Shimano Pedelec electric motors form the basis

The electric motors developed by the German supplier BROSE and Shimano form the basis of our IPU in the R.750 (Brose Drive S Mag) and R.375 (Shimano EP8) series models. In electrical terms, these are "brushless internal rotors", which are characterized by an extremely compact design combined with high efficiency.

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Battery developed together with German battery manufacturer

We have developed the battery unit in cooperation with a German battery manufacturer. The battery is essentially composed of 4 basic elements: the cells, the battery management system (BMS) with cable harness and motor connector, the integrated charging socket (for internal and external charging) and the housing that encloses and protects the entire battery unit.

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