Susi Huth

Infected by the bike fever, Susi was mostly found at bike parks until she started racing national downhill races. Amazed by the racing, her career came to a bitter end when she had a hard crash the following year at her first European Cup race. Ever since then, the Munich resident has shifted her focus towards Enduro style of riding with and without E-Bikes. Being on the road is one of her greatest passions: bike events, camps of bike travelling. Destinations might be Finale Ligure or the Island of Madeira and adventures like going to Armenia or Guatemala are nothing unusual.

Name: Susi Huth
Birthday: 12.12.1989
Hometown: München
Club: RSV Garching

What does a usual day look like for you, Susi?

I do not have a “usual” day to be honest. But I won’t start any day without homemade cereals and fruits – after this ceremony it’s off to uni or work. I mainly focus on mathematics on a daily basis so that I can start teaching students and get their passion for math going. In the evening, it’s mainly sports for me. Depending on the weather, I’ll ride around the Munich trails. Otherwise I’ll go for a run, swim, Pilates or workouts at the gym. Rather usual are only the weekends which start at 6:00 am on Saturday. I usually head for the mountains where I spend most of the time until sun goes down on Sunday evening.

Which goals did you set yourself, what’s your motivation?

There’s only on goal for me really, which is having a great time and enjoying it! Having fun while doing sports is what fuels me, together with the feeling of happiness that I get through riding my bike. Right this is what I want to share with other people: I like to introduce my sport to other people – through coaching, guiding or simply a group ride.


Brand Ambassadors / ROTWILD Factory Rider / Susi Huth

„Es por eso que lo amamos“

Bikeabenteuer statt Reiseführer. ROTWILD Rider Susi Huth auf Trailsuche in Guatemala. Reisen, Backpacking, fern abgelegene Länder – fast jeder hat sich schon einmal auf solch eine Reise begeben. Doch warum nicht das Bike schnappen und fremde Trails erkunden, anstatt Sehenswürdigkeiten aus dem Reiseführer abzuklappern? Biken kann Türen in andere Welten öffnen, neue Bekanntschaften und sogar Freundschaften schließen. Fernab üblicher Touristentouren lernt man fremde Kulturen und Einheimische wirklich kennen und diesmal führte es uns nach Guatemala.

Hier geht es zum Reisebericht

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