Quentin Champion

Born: 15.01.1993 – Saint Rémy
Residence: Dennevey – close to Châlon sur Saône
Club: Vélo Sport Club Beaunois

What does your typical day look like, Quentin?

Shortly after seven in the morning I start my day with a good breakfast. If the weather permits, I ride to work as a technical assistant at an oil transport company. After work, one finds me and my R.E1 almost always on the Hometrails around my house. On weekends I like to go on long bike rides with friends, discover new trails, share my passion for biking with my girlfriend. In the evening, of course, we go out to celebrate with our friends. 

And what are your goals, what motivates you?

My main goals for the 2018 season are the 5 Enduro World Series races in Europe as well as the Megavalanche, Radon Epic Enduro, the French DH Championships and some regional Enduro events. My main motivation is always to cycle as much as possible. But I also enjoy a strenuous race day to compete against the clock. And then compare the results with friends over a beer.

What do your favourite trails look like?

I like tracks like the Megavalanche or the Mountain of Hell. We start at 3300 meters up in the snow, then descend 2400 meters in downhill mode: on rocky ground, through dusty corners, river crossings and over root carpets. I'm looking forward to the 2018 season behind the bars of my ROTWILD R.E1. This new bike is so good because the carbon rear makes the Enduro lighter and more agile. The equipment also leaves nothing to be desired in competition, all components make it a perfectly balanced bike, in short: ready to race.

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