Be independent! Richie Schley discovers the new R.G+

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For all those shuttle users, lift uphillers, bike pushers and everybody who is seeking for demanding downhills, ROTWILD now introduces a new possibility.

Forgot your lift ticket at the hotel? Your buddy with the transporter has no time to shuttle you all day? Don’t worry, just go and leave the whole organizational work behind you.

Specifically designed to meet the requirements of a 200 mm travel big bike, the new R.G+ combines the best downhill performance with the easiest uphill riding. Our IPU, exclusively developed by ROTWILD, a powerful Brose motor and the high-performance battery are completely integrated into the frame. The result is a full-on downhill chassis with the additional plus of an integrated electric motor for the first time.

Real world tests are an integral part of our development. The bike not only has to withstand the tests at our laboratories, but also the all-in hard use out on the trails. That's why Freeride legend Richie Schley grabbed his very own personal R.G+ right after the presentation of the first prototypes and went to the Italian Dolomites. Richie came back with impressive pictures and extremely important insights. We talked to him about his first impressions.


Right after the Eurobike show you went on a trip. Where did you go and ride?

RS: Canazei in the Dolomites in Italy.

Which bikes did you take with you?

RS: My ROTWILD R.G1 and my new ROTWILD R.G+.

You were the first person to ride the new G+ … What is your first impression?

RS: I was very impressed with how well it climbed for a DH bike. Descending wasn’t much different then my R.G1.

Apart from already being a bike designed for the heavy hits and tricky descents, what's the most incredible feature of the G+ as an electric bike?

RS: Often we choose the bike that is ideal for climbing or compromise which bike we would have the most downhill fun on, to save on some of the uphill suffering. The G+ made what would be impossible climbs on a DH bike and very difficult on a trail bike, fun going up hill. Then of course, the benefits of having a DH bike on the huge 3000 plus meter descents of the dolomites an uncompromised plus.

It was actually really fun to trying to climb things I was unsure were doable. I think I made it up everything I tried for.

You sure realize you're riding a powerful bike when you start your ride, but does it happen that you completely forget you're riding an E-Bike at some point of your trip?

RS: Ya, once you settle into your ride, you are just riding, until you are confronted with some crazy steep climb and realize, you can probably make it. Haha.

Do you exhaust the same way as with a classic mountain bike?

RS: Ya, you get tired like on a classic mountain bike, but only after you have done 3 times the descending because of how easy it is to climb.

With E-Bikes having arrived at the most aggressive category of bikes and with your incredibly long experience riding those bikes, what do you think will the gravity riding have evolved to 5 or 10 years from now?

RS: I just think that more people will ride DH bikes because before, they were very uncomfortable to climb and we have now come up with a solution for that.

ith recent developments in the E-Bike categories, do you think bike parks will change over the time?

RS: I think the established bike parks won’t have a really need for E assisted bikes, but imagine any area that there are parks or new possibilities for parks, and now you won’t need a lift. That could open up huge possibilities.

E-bike or mountain bike: Which one would you recommend to whom?

RS: If you live in a place that has great DH trails and you like shuttling, get on a G+ and leave your truck at home. You will actually get some exercise out of the deal too.

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