Less weight – more fine tuning: the “Fox 34 FLOAT 140” fork

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The ROTWILD All-Mountain bikes of the R.X1 FS- und R.X+ FS series are equipped with the Fox 34 FLOAT 140 fork. In contrast to the predecessor models, the fork is significantly lighter and fitted out for individual chassis adjustment with the new FIT 4 damping cartridge.

The knob for adjusting the damping clicks into three possible positions: OPEN, MEDIUM and FIRM. This means that adjustment can be made by hand during the ride. Here the OPEN position is recommended for lengthy descents and on rough terrain. MEDIUM mode is ideal for trails with constantly alternating ascents and descents. On less demanding, smooth terrain and during ascents, FIRM mode is the correct choice. Three different volume spaces can also be seen in the new FLOAT air suspension system to adapt the parameters of the air suspension to the rider’s own individual style and weight.  

Fox 34 FLOAT 140 Factory Series forks, as installed in the 27.5 Edition and 27.5+ EVO models of our ROTWILD R.X1 FS and R.X+ FS bikes, have an additional feature for chassis tuning with the OPEN Mode Adjust: this 22-stage fine tuning control of the OPEN mode makes it possible to influence the chassis movements produced by shifts in weight during the ride. Turning the knob into the fully open position makes the chassis very sensitive, but it also reacts strongly to shifts in weight. The more the knob is turned in the CLOSED direction, the less influence shifts in weight have on the suspension.

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