Voluntary product recall: R.E375 and R.X375

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ADP Engineering GmbH has decided to voluntary recall the R.X375 and R.E375 models of the 2021 model year.

The safety of our ROTWILD bikes is our top priority and the most important benchmark for the quality of our products. For this reason, we would like to inform you that we, ADP Engineering GmbH, are conducting a voluntary product recall for the R.X375 and R.E375 models of model year 2021. You can check if your ROTWILD bike is affected by the recall by examining the serial number (RE375F21XXXX oder RX375F21XXXX) or, in case you are not sure, by consulting your ROTWILD dealer.

Both models are equipped with a Shimano EP800 motor in combination with an e*spec EP800 crank set from the manufacturer e*thirteen. In individual cases, material cracks occurred on the motor drive shaft in practice. Further-reaching quality and laboratory tests by an external testing institute now prove that the above-mentioned cranks with the product batch number V40 in combination with the equipped Shimano EP800 motors are not a perfect match. In particular, in further corrosion tests based on ISO9227 / 2017-07, the failure pattern could be proven from practical experience. Thus, under special and extreme load situations, material cracks can occur on the motor shaft up to a partial breakage of the shaft, which can lead to the loss of the crank arm while riding. This represents a considerable safety and injury risk.

Based on these independent laboratory test results, ADP Engineering GmbH cannot rule out safety concerns with the installed combination of electric motor and crank set. We have therefore decided on a voluntary product recall and will check the drive shafts in our master workshop at the company headquarters in Dieburg. At the same time, we will replace the existing e*thirteen crank set with a new, optimized e*thirteen crank set free of charge, which has been approved in the above-mentioned laboratory tests.

To ensure that this exchange can take place quickly, please contact your ROTWILD dealer where you've originally purchased your R.E375 or R.X375. Arrange an appointment with them to hand over your ROTWILD bike so that a pickup of the affected parts can be arranged. Of course, you are free to choose an alternative ROTWILD dealer. In this case please bare in mind, that this dealer could charge an additional service fee.

We are making every effort to carry out the conversion quickly and currently assume a processing time of approx. 7 workdays at our company. However, due to the current insufficient material availability, we can unfortunately only start with the extensive replacement in January 2022.

We have informed the responsible market surveillance authority for product safety in Darmstadt accordingly, as well as the press and the end customers who have registered their ROTWILD bike with us.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter and apologize for any inconvenience caused!

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