Convincing with performance – FREERIDE tip for the R.E+

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Low weight, perfect working parts, outstanding high-end chassis and a 1st place in the downhill ranking – the R.E1+ gathered lots of bonus points in the test and was awarded with the well recognized FREERIDE tip from the FREERIDE magazine.

Does the motor just adds weight to the bike or does it also increase the fun factor? How close is the gap between a long travel e-MTB compared to a conventional MTB? With this in mind the FREERIDE magazine took a closer look on 6 e-MTB models – and had lots of fun with them, especially with the ROTWILD R.E1+ FS 27: “We specially liked the lightest bike in the test field with its outstanding high-end FOX chassis shredding on wild downhills. No other bike stayed so cool at high speed and rough downhills like the R.E1+. Either downhill trails, stunts, drops or jumps – the ROTWILD likes the action."

The same fun factor and astonishing surprise was also noted when the ROTWILD was at high speed. One of the main advantages of the BROSE motor is that the motor unlocks at higher speeds, which the test riders commented as follows: “If you are pedalling faster than 25 km/h you do not pedal against the motor resistance but it is absolutely free running - awesome!"

The R.E1+ guarantees real quality shredding on demanding terrain, on trails and on downhill tracks it has a very similar agility and fun factor as conventional MTB´s. Due to the low centre of gravity it offers a very secure riding feeling. The compact Integrated Power Unit (IPU) allows a very agile geometry with short chain stays, which completely conserves the vivid character of the bike. The FREERIDE pro-riders noticed: “In this case the shortest chain stays in the test field are showing their effectiveness."

Conclusion: “A very secure chassis, comfortable handling, cool riding and very comfortable in rough terrain – the ROTWILD convinces with its Freeride-Performance and a sexy Look. Outstanding!"

You can read the complete report at FREERIDE, issue 01-2016.

You can find more detailed information about the R.E+ FS here.

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