Top 5 Trails in Saalbach Hinterglemm

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Saalbach Hinterglemm offers the right type of terrain for every kind of mountain biker, with countless freeride routes, epic natural trails, fun pump tracks, and endless forest tracks; plenty to satisfy anyone’s wishes for days on end. Bernhard Niederseer has put together a list of the top 5 most popular trails in Saalbach Hinterglemm:

# 1: Hacklberg Trail

It is true what the biking community has to say about the leg-endary Hacklberg Trail: unrivalled views, passages that you can feel comfortable riding without having your fingers perma-nently on the brakes, a perfect gradient that means you don’t have to pedal hard, countless waves and jumps providing you with plenty of airtime and inviting you to develop your own style. The Hacklberg Trail takes you from the Schattberg in Saalbach over the Westgipfel to Hinterglemm, and is one of the most beautiful singletrails in the valley, and well-known beyond Austrian borders as being the epitome of a flowing trail. This 6 km panorama trail is a true playground for mountain bikers. Ridden in combination with the Buchegg Trail, it offers 1000 vertical metres of the finest in singletrails and 10 km of uncompromising downhill fun. If you fancy getting a feel of the scene, then the best time to ride it is in the late afternoon when the terraces of the various Alpine huts along the route are oc-cupied by mountain bikers. Of course, the trail is worth riding at any time of day, no question. However, it is, and remains an unforgettable sundowner ride and an absolute MUST DO in Saalbach Hinterglemm!


# 2: Bergstadl Trail

The Bergstadl Trail on the Schattberg is a delight for enduro riders and freeriders and, together with the Hacklberg Trail which begins further up, it is one of the absolute showpieces of Saalbach Hinterglemm. The Schattberg-X-press gondola lift takes you up to 2000 m to its top station, from where you then push your bike a short way over to the Westgipfel peak. The Bergstadl Trail branches off from the Hacklberg Trail after about 300 m, and winds itself through lots of bends directly to the Bergstadl through a picture postcard landscape. This chal-lenging alternative to the Hacklberg Trail offers plenty of oppor-tunity for technical raffinesse: scenery, views, roots, rocks, hairpin bends, but also longer passages that can be ridden fluently. The many small, technical challenges of this charming natural path require lots of concentration and riding ability. Tip: from the midstation of the Westgipfel lift, the Bergstadl Trail weaves into the Buchegg Trail which leads on down to Hinterglemm.


# 3: Wurzel Trail

The Wurzel (root) Trail has its home in a much more tranquil world than most of the other trails that are well-known in Saal-bach Hinterglemm. Its feel is miles apart from the freeride sce-ne near to the lifts. The track is totally natural, and links the peak of the Kohlmais with the Wildenkarkogel, without any real climb to speak of, but with plenty of roots, both uphill, and downhill on its flanks. True to the motto “back to the roots” you ride this route because it is there, and not because it was put there specially for bikers. The Wurzel Trail begins east of the peak of the Kohlmais, directly beneath the Panorama 6 seater chairlift, and takes you over kilometres to the Schönleitenhütte and Leogang, through forest and over meadows, with many key features en route. Root-lovers are in heaven on this path, whilst for beginners it will prove to be rather a bumpy business, as the name of the trail is completely justified. Nevertheless, the trail is perfect to hone your own riding technique. Tip: the Wurzel Trail also forms part of the BIG-5-BIKE Challenge and can be ridden in either direction.


# 4: X-Line powered by CONTI

The challenging X-Line powered by CONTI is on the northern flank of the Schattberg, guaranteeing not only steep terrain, but also great views of Saalbach. The X-Line is over 6 km long, taking you down 1025 vertical metres, snaking from the top station down to the bottom station of the Schattberg lift, making it one of the longest freeride routes in Europe. There is some-thing for everyone here, from full-blooded enduros to downhill cracks. Some of the highlights include Northshore features, a wooden bridge over a brook that can be jumped, rocky pas-sages, tricky rooty sections, a spectacular Road-Gap, and more besides. The X-Line justifies its reputation of being in-tense, technical, and demanding. After an initial run to get to know it, you quickly develop your own rhythm on this popular route. Tip: the new X-Line Challenge gives you the possibility of timing yourself.


# 5: Pro Line

The Pro Line on the Reiterkogel has plenty to thrill! It is under-standably a regular showplace for action packed downhill rac-es, such as at the GlemmRide Bike Festival or the Worldgames of Mountainbiking. The Pro Line is perfect for substantial training, whether it be to increase speed, or simply to improve your own style. The route lends itself to accelerating out of the curves, trying out new lines, and daring to pull a wheelie or two. The Pro Line starts off with narrow forest paths followed by stony sections and countless Northshore elements. berms, doubles, tables, drops, technical rooty passages and lots of little jumps, making the route action-packed and plenty of fun. Tip: at various points, the Evil Eye Trail branches off from the route of the Pro Line, giving you the opportunity of riding lots of different variations of the route.

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