Bike care for winter biking: Four handy tips for year-round bikers

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Many passionate cyclists are in the saddle all year round, either because they cycle to work in all weathers or because they actively use their mountain bike for sport and fitness in winter too.

Damit beides reibungslos funktioniert, empfehlen wir auf die folgenden Dinge besonders zu achten:

1. Battery contacts

Essential for all electric bikes: Always keep the battery contacts and battery holder dry and clean them regularly. If you use your bike in winter, then these sensitive areas need a little more care and attention.

2. Correct battery care

Do not charge or store your battery outdoors or in a garage at temperatures below +10 °C. And be sure to refer to our handy tips on battery care.

3. Adapt the air pressure to the colder temperatures

Check the tire pressure and possibly reduce it slightly for improved grip. Check the air pressure of the suspension fork and shock absorber too. The air pressure generally needs to be slightly lower to ensure that the suspension works perfectly when using your bike in winter.

4. Regular bike wash

Road salt is the no. 1 enemy of winter bikers. Corrosion with expensive subsequent damage is inevitable if road salt is not regularly washed off. An essential job for all commuters and winter bikers is to do a “lazy bike wash” once a week. Simply wash the salt off your bike with warm water, dry all components and lubricate the chain and drive. Applying a protective bike spray ensures that your bike is perfectly prepared to tackle your next trip.

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