Singletrail tip for the R.X+: system integration par excellence

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Relaxed and flowy climbing, than turning into the single trail and enjoying the downhill – that’s the ideal conception for every mountain biker. The brand new ROTWILD R.X + is the ideal tool to meet these requirements.

E-MTB’s are changing everything. You have to try them in order to discover how much fun it is to ride an e-MTB. And this is exactly, what the test riders from the E-MTB Magazin (issue 01/2016) did. The best e-MTB’s of the moment had to show off and proof themselves in high Alpine terrain and in the lab.

The e-MTB magazine just cuts with one prejudice at the very beginning: "Sluggish? No way: Thanks to their low center of gravity e-MTB’s are firmly on the trail and after a short accommodation period the common driving techniques become natural. Above all with the ROTWILD, because this bike is the lightest by far in this test field."

It is built for the real flow on the trail: When the uphill is done and speed increases with each pedal stroke the Brose engine shows its advantages. The complete unlock of the motor increases significantly the fun factor. While other motors put a noticeable resistance at more than 25 km/h the test also shows: “you can still pedal bikes with Brose motors like conventional MTB’s".

The specially for All Mountain condition configured XCS four point chassis convinced the test riders: “Independently of steep ramps or terrifying downhills, the seating position just fits rights and the chassis is beyond any doubts". The editor concludes: “The ROTWILD handles like it looks: sporty, agile, direct."

With the clear statement “Very Good” and the Singletrail recommendation for the R.X+ the conclusion is as follows: “System integration par excellence. For riders who appreciate high-tech and design, taking advantage from the e-transmission but really would like forget about it during their rides".

You can read the entire test at issue 01/2016 of E-MTB powered by BIKE.

Find all information about the new R.X+ here.

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