"Shimano XTR M9000” - crank and cassette

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Even cadence is indispensable to ensure that force exerted is translated harmoniously into forward propulsion. This will only succeed it the gear ratios are optimally tuned and therefore suitable for every form of terrain or topography. The eleven-speed CS-M9000 cassette including sprockets with 11 to 40 teeth is a finely graduated cassette with the largest transmission range that Shimano has ever brought onto the market.

Depending on the specific application, the drivetrain uses a combination of single, double or triple chainrings. The 1 by 11-speed drivetrain is the first choice for all competitive cross-country or enduro racers with a precise understanding of their own abilities and the terrain to be negotiated. Top of the list for those who wish to remain flexible when racing or exploring is the 2x11-speed drivetrain. Riders who enjoy tackling unfamiliar territory and new trails, while remaining equipped for the steepest climbs, opt for the XTR M9000 3x11-speed version.

The XTR line-up also offers two different cranksets. The FC-M9000 is a race-optimized crankset boasting a narrow q-factor of only 158 millimetres. This crank option is available for single and double configurations and is included with ROTWILD race bikes. Specially developed for trails, the FC-M9020 crankset can be fitted with one, two or three chainrings. It offers an extremely robust design and a standard q-factor of 168 millimetres, making it the ideal crank for all ROTWILD Full-Suspension bikes.

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