Excellent shifting performance: "Shimano XTR M9000“

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Rear and front derailleurs and shift levers from the Shimano XTR M9000 Groupset offer excellent and extremely reliable shifting performance. They enable bikers to focus entirely on the trail while always riding in the optimum gear to maximize efficiency in terms of forward propulsion.

The ergonomically designed carbon shift levers receive a dual-textured anti-slip surface. They incorporate all high-end technologies, including Multi, Instant and 2-Way release. Polymer-coated cables optimize shifting performance and reduce operating forces by 20 per cent compared with conventional shift cables. The FD-M9000 Double and Triple Front Derailleurs make use of Side-Swing technology. This delivers a 100 per cent improvement in shifting performance and has been specially developed for modern trial bikes. Here the Side-Swing mechanism delivers 15 per cent more clearance between seat post and tyre. Optimized cable routing and control also drastically reduce the operating effort needed during shifting.  

The Shadow Plus mechanism on the RD-M9000 rear derailleur allows riders to set the friction clutch as they wish by means of an adjusting screw. This allows the shifting mechanism to be tuned to personal preferences, favouring either maximum stability or minimum operating effort. The shallow slant angle of the derailleur also reduces shifting forces and its low profile affords good protection against damage.

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