ROTWILD Team update: An interview with Morgane Such

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The French Morgane Such ran her first MTB race when she was 5 years old. Today the 21 year old is part of the French ROTWILD Team. In this interview she talks about her passion for enduro biking, training and her plans for the up coming season.

How did you start mountain biking?  

My parents are enthusiastic mountain bikers. As soon as I could walk they put me on a bike and I was so in love with this new toy that I simply didn't want to give it back. 

Why did you start with racing?

I ran my first cross country race when I was 5 years old, although I had to be 7  to be allowed to participate. Somehow I have been always of the competitive type even as a child. Maybe this is because of my older brother, whom I always wanted to prove that I was very strong too! And mountain biking hasn’t never been only great fun for me. I have ever needed challenges to motivate myself and it is still like that. 

Now, you start in enduro races. Why?

I quit cross country races when I was 15. I think it is an awesome discipline to learn a lot about the sport. Everyone should start with cross country. But the downhill and technical sections have always been great fun for me at the races. For this reason one day I started at an enduro race and I realised enduro was really my thing. It’s the perfect mix of cross country and downhill and certainly the discipline requiring most training. You need to be 100% on top of you physical and technical skills. Enduro is a complex sport!

What is your challenge for 2016?  

The 2016 season is gonna be tough for me since I’m going to finish my studies as well. So, I won’t be able to participate in the complete champions series. My goal is to be among the top five at the Megaavalanche event and the top 10 at the Enduro World Series (EWS). Of course, I would like to participate in a couple of the French Cup races but I’m more focused on the EWS.

What race do you like most?  

My favorite race is the „Mountain of Hell“ in Les Deux Alps. You start with 600 crazy racers from a snow covered summit – I never had so much adrenaline in my blood before. The track is all fun and with a total length of about 45 minutes very demanding. Furthermore I like it to compete with the men and the ambient as well as the organization of the event is perfect.

What exactly is your training like? Do you have a coach?   

Yes, I work together with Ronan Oppeneau. We don’t see each other very often but talk on the phone every day. In an individual sport like mountain biking it is hard to train with somebody else since everybody has a different focus. I do specific training by my own and on weekends I go biking with my friends. The boys team is with us and my long time friend Isabeau Courdurier.

What do you do to relax when you are not on a bike?  

I meet with my friends and during the summer time we hang out at the beach. Although many of my MTB friends don’t believe me: Once a week I take time for myself, enjoy a relaxing bath, apply a facial mask and take care of my finger nails. I’m a real girl!

Do you have any idols or racers you look up to?  

Since I do racing Anne Caroline Chausson is my idol. When I was a child I met her once and I took a photo together with her. I was in heaven! It’s curious that I go out biking with her nowadays. She’s more of a friend but still someone I look up to when it comes to be focused and ambitious.

Some last words? 

I would like to thank the whole ROTWILD family for their support. Especially Sascha, who supports me during the whole season. My ROTWILD E1 is so much fun to ride and I’m exited about the races to come!

Thank you very much, Morgane.  


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