Race report Puchuncaví Andrea Anjarí

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Past weekend it was once again Downhill time for Andrea. This time the Master of Time Race in Puchuncavi about 130 km northwest of Santiago.

As usual, Saturday was the day of practice. Most of the Downhill riders in Chile are familiar with the track. It is one of the longest and fastest of the national race series. Optimal weather conditions assured relatively normal practice.

Sunday, race day and with excellent weather conditions was shadowed by many accidents of different considerations and the approx. 320 riders had to be extremely concentrated on the 2.5 Km long track and some sections where the riders could reach up to 60 km/h had high risks of getting thrown off track.

Andrea’s qualification run turned out as she expected but she played it safe during the final run because of the many accidents. After crossing the finish line Andrea commented: “ I am very sad that many riders crashed and even myself I just saved myself very closely of one. The track is well known. It’s my home trail but this doesn’t change the fact that it is very fast and long. When you enter the last section your arms don’t have the strength anymore and therefor it’s very dangerous. The physical conditions play a major role here. I am happy about my second place but most of all that I didn’t crash. I wish all my colleagues that weren’t that lucky that they get well very soon”.

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