Race Report Andrea Anjarí, Panamerican Championships

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This was the very first time a competed abroad (week from November 5th to 14th) and nothing less than in the Pan-American Championship that was held in Cusco, Peru. This trip was amazing because of the experience I made, the landscape and the weather conditions.


I traveled one week before the competition because we had to compete at more than 4.000 meters above sea level and which now, looking back, has been a wise decision because we could adapt very well to the altitude. We started to know the track one week before the race and we faced extremely hard and difficult track conditions. A very long track (about 7 minutes average), and a very difficult terrain to control the bike because of the pronounced slope, holes and loose ground and stones. Additionally, and not to forget, the fatigue at the end of the track was a major issue and had to be effectively handled.

Another surprise were the very long jumps, which I wasn’t used to but finally I handled them, which made me very happy and I could jump them all. During the week I also knew other tracks around Cusco and finally race weekend arrived.

Practice runs on Saturday were pretty good and I got 4th at the qualifying runs, which, considering the very high competition level among the women, made me very happy. On Sunday, race day, unfortunately I had a bad start in the morning. I got tired earlier than I expected and I crashed during practice with a strong pain in my knees. Furthermore wind came up and during the first jump a wind blast took me off my flight and I crashed once again badly so that I wasn’t able to finish the race. But in spite of the throw backs it was an incredible experience and I proved myself that I do have the level that is needed to compete internationally. Next year, I will do it again! This upcoming weekend, I am going to compete at the Chilean National Championship in Papudo.

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