Race report Open Shimano, Nevados de Chillán

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The weekend from December 5th-6th was the last date of the Open Shimano LATAM Series, which was held at the Ski&Bike Park Resort Nevados de Chillán aprox. 550 Km south of Santiago. Having beautiful weather conditions on both days the race with almost 300 competitors from Chile, Argentina and Peru, developed as planed and without any interruptions or unforeseen events.

The track started at the very top of the mountain and had a length of aprox. 3,5 Km. The upper part, which normally is the Skiing section during the winter time had some very deep sand and high speed sections where it was very easy to loose control of the bike on the loose ground. After this first challenge, the second part of the track, lead through millennium forests and natural and technical demanding rock gardens. The final part of the track counted on high-speed sections to gain some more seconds.  

Within a familiar ambient the Chilean ROTWILD ambassador Andrea Paz Anjarí Bascuñán achieved the third place with 3:58 minutes within an international competitive women´s field and just a few seconds behind the second and first places.

"I made some minor mistakes because I pushed it too far in order to get the first place", said Andrea after the race. " I did very well in the qualifying round with 3:50, where I let it flow and had a failure free qualifying run. For the next race Ill just let it flow, without pushing it. I will see how it will work out". Regarding the race place Andrea said:" This place is paradise for any biker. We are very fortunate that we count of such a tremendous infrastructure in Nevados de Chillán, with its magic beauty”.

For those who want to escape the crude northern hemisphere winter, you should give it a try to the magic Nevados de Chillán, which counts on hotels, lodge cabins and rustic restaurants for the bike adventurer. Nevados has tracks for all levels and not only for Downhill but also tracks for Enduro racers and XC pilots.

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