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Waves, banked curves and turns on hard asphalt - that's what a pump track is made off. The goal? Keeping up the pace and showing spectacular flips and jumps. Whoever pedals loses! Build up your speed on the bike only by pushing up your body. Just like a pro. Don’t take it too seriously, fun for everyone is all that matters. Claudio Caluori experienced this firsthand when he built a track in Thailand with his Velosolutions team. The local kids showed him how community works. They just wanted to have fun on the track with whatever bikes they had. No matter where they came from, how much money they had or which god they worshipped, The most important thing was: they could do it all together. Reason enough for Claudio to carry this spirit into the whole world with the Pump4Peace initiative. Why? Claudio tells us in the video.

Nevertheless – here is some information: Pump4Peace builds pump tracks in disadvantaged regions all over the world. The team takes care of the financing, builds the tracks and cooperates with local people, aid organizations and governments. All to give kids and young people access to cycling and action sports. But the projects can do much more. They establish bike communities that create economic opportunities and lead to mutual support. This is a way to more tolerance. We at ROTWILD believe in this and support Claudio with his initiative. It's not for nothing that the Swiss bike entrepreneur is also a brand ambassador and regular test rider for us.

More details on Claudio's project? Here you go:


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