Receiving new TEAM vehicles – Team AMG ROTWILD visiting Affalterbach

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In between all the mountainbike races, there is a common highlight during the year for the three Team AMG ROTWILD riders Nadine Rieder, Sofia Wiedenroth and Stefan Kudella: The delivery of their new TEAM vehicles.

Delivery of the powerful GLA 45 AMG

Past Tuesday the time had come: the three TEAM riders had been invited to Affalterbach, AMG´s headquarters and were able to welcome their customized GLA 45 AMG cars. Pure sports performance - that´s what this powerful compact SUV stands for. It was no surprise that both German Champions Nadine and Sofia as well as their Downhill team mate Stefan felt the deep fascination when they finally held the new car keys in their own hands.

AMG and ROTWILD - two High-Performance-Brands, one fascination

AMG and ROTWILD fascination: The intensive cooperation of the two High-Performance-brands started in 2013 – the mix between race sport, unique design and German engineering is one of the linking elements between AMG and ROTWILD. Therefor it was no surprise, that Sofia Wiedenroth is very excited, every time she is at AMG. ”None of us knew what color our GLA would have this time. We had bets among us about how the new cars would look like. When we saw the grey metallic GLAs we fell in love immediately. It looks like a real elegant 4x4” the WC rider explained almost overwhelmed. Nadine Rieder added in fascination: “The new features are absolutely awesome and I am happy to drive around with Sport+ mode!"

Factory tour - a highlight

The TEAM was able to feel the unique AMG Spirit during the factory walk around at the headquarters and looked impressed by the "One Man – One Engine" concept, since each AMG engine is being built by hand by one responsible mechanic.

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