Benedikt Hilger about the partnership between Mercedes-AMG and ROTWILD

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Mercedes AMG and ROTWILD are joined by a long lasting partnership. We wanted to know more about the background of the joint forces and talked to Benedikt Hilger, Manager Brand Cooperations / Motorsport Communication at Mercedes-AMG.  

Mr. Hilger, what is it about to have a successful partnership to support athletes?  

Our successful partnerships are always under the Mission Statement „Racers are driven to always do better“. Mercedes-AMG accepts this challenge and goes to its limits in order to do always better. Mercedes AMG is seeking always for the limits and does not fear to apply unconventional solutions and does have the courage to head into new directions. This Mission Statement is also what we communicate to the athletes and brand ambassadors.    

What was the reason of the cooperation between Mercedes-AMG und Richie Schley?   

Richie Schley is our Mercedes-AMG brand ambassador since 2015. As an innovator in his discipline, pioneer and inventor of the Freeride-Mountain biking movement Richie represents perfectly Mercedes-AMG’s High Performance idea.   

Why does Richie Schley fit so well as the brand ambassador into Mercedes-AMG’s philosophy?  

Mountainbike-Profi Richie Schley is the living proof for passion of movement and performance. Mercedes-AMG as well as Richie Schley are pioneers in their respective fields of competence. Our cooperation represents the passion for a common approach - seeking for perfection.  The whole AMG ROTWILD MTB TEAM is being supported by Mercedes-AMG.

What are the details regarding this cooperation?  

Besides the classic mutual integration on race events and Social Media integration the main reason is the common passion for race sport performance as well as the willingness to set benchmarks with technological development. Mountainbikes and fast cars don’t match up at a first glance.

Where do you see the mutual benefits and how does Mercedes-AMG communicate this cooperation?

Mercedes-AMG and Rotwild are joint by performance and the quality awareness with state-of-the-art engineering „Made in Germany“. The challenge is our motivation. No mountain too steep, no terrain to difficult - with the right equipment and the right development. With this consequent focus on performance and distinctive design both premium brands set benchmarks in their respective industries.    

Thank you very much for the conversation!

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