Mariella Scott ranked third in the GT Challenge Race

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On May 15th, the XCO GT Challenge race took place at the Tricao Park in Santo Domingo, located approximately 125 km southwest from Chiles capital, Santiago. Once again lining up at the start gate was Mariella Scott, who ended up as third.

The contenders had to manage two rounds of 28 kilometres riddled with open fields, short climbs, fast descents, some mud sections and a small bike park. The sunny and warm day helped to develop an impeccable race while the rain from the previous day provided an extraordinary grip on the track.


Mariela explained:”The GT Challenge is one of a couple of races I will participate at to prepare myself for the national championship, which takes place in July and to continue to know my new R.R 2 HT 29 better every day upon which I feel much more confident each time. Its geometry helped me a lot in the uphills with muddy sections feeling confident and balanced, which helped me to be a couple of seconds faster. I am very happy about my third place in the women Elite category and feel very motivated for the next races to come."

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