Mariela Scott at the XCM race in Naltagua/ Chile

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Past weekend the Chilean TEAM ROTWILD rider Mariela Scott, once again was in action. This time at the XCM race in Naltagua some 60 Km south west of Santiago.

Mariela started in the Enduro Women Open category with her ROTWILD R.Q1 FS 27.5.

At very dry and hot weather conditions Mariela started on a very technical and rocky track with lots of curves and loose ground downhills. Since this was a XCM race no jumps were to be feared but steep climbs with slopes of over 20 degrees.

Mariela delivered an trouble free run, which was astonishing since she is still in process to getting to know her new bike, which is also her first full suspension bike. After reaching the finish line and her victory Mariela stated: "There is a difference between my R2 and my Q1, without any doubts. Especially in the climbs I wished my light weight R2 back. But one get used to everything. Over all I won my category and this is like honey for my soul. I am absolutely surprised by the capabilities of my Q1 and I am very curious what else this bike is capable of."


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