Mariela Scott at COPA CHILE, Angol

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Once again it was race weekend for Mariela Scott from Chilean TEAM ROTWILD.

Since September put a break to the XCO race events, last weekend gave place to the last race of the COPA CHIILE race series in Angol some 600 Km south of Chile’s capital Santiago.

With almost summer like temperatures at about 25°C some 150 pilots showed up at the start. Track conditions were optimal because it had rained two days before and had made up for sensational grip. The track itself was very technical and physically demanding but wasn’t that hard in terms of eleveation.

The beautiful forest surrounding the track was just like TEAM ROTWILD pilot Mariela’s taste, who said after 4 rounds of the 4.1 Km long track: “ I love this track. The more technically it gets the more I love it. My R2 didn’t let me down as expected and I really feel comfortable on it. My second place in the women elite category and third women overall standing make me very happy and my hard preparations are showing the results. ROTWILD convinced me so much that I bought the R.Q1 FS 27.5 from the local dealer and which I will use for the upcoming XCM races in the Patagonia (Torres de Paine National Park) and Cañete to which I was invited.”

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