2nd place for Mariela Scott at the 21 Leguas race

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A few weeks ago, Mariela Scott of the Chilean TEAM ROTWILD brought her ROTWILD R.R2 HT 29“ to a very special race. At almost 100 kilometers of racing distance at the Chilean Atacama Desert, racers had to cover a course from the city of Calama to the small town of Maria Elena.

Being the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert set the stage for an epic race. Sun, comfortable temperatures and a slightly cooling wind ensured great racing conditions. The course led the racers through the desert and away from any roads, leaving them just orientation markers on the ground.

Considering the distance of 1573 km between Santiago and the start of the race in Calama, the race still had an impressive number of 350 participants. Mariela, who used the race as preperation for her participation at the Chilean XCO National Championship said after the race: „This was totally different! You don’t race through the desert any day. Participating at this race was more of a gut decision as the race isn’t UCI ranked but it was great fun and I crossed the line in 2nd place in the overall women’s ranking. I’ll be back next year.“


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