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The 2015 MTB season got off to a rather bumpy start for Nadine Rieder, but then ended on a high note. Among her achievements, Nadine celebrated a top 10 position in the MTB World Championships in Andorra, won the German Championships and a second place in the German league XCE sprint series. We spoke to this likeable rider from the Allgäu region in South Germany about the 2015 competition season.

Nadine, how would you describe your 2015 season in three words?

Fun, success, relief.

What were your personal highlights in this year’s MTB season?

Winning the UCI C1 Cross-Country race, the German championship title and 25th place in the World Cup in Val di Sole. Due to the races I’d missed and poor placings in 2014, I dropped down to almost 600th place in the world rankings, and now I’ve fought my way back into the top 100 (#85 at end of 2015). This big jump is something I’m particularly pleased with.

And what were the disappointments?

In the first MTB races of the season, I had rather a run of bad luck. Crashes, technical problems … It didn’t start at all well.

Have you ridden in other races apart from the XCO and XCE events?

In spring, I also took part in some road races, where I finished with a first and a runner’s up position. Apart from that, I also rode in four MTB marathons: in Riva, Pfronten, Montafon and Oberstdorf. The results were super – I won them all!

You did in fact change trainers before the season. Tell us how that came about.

As training didn’t go too well last year or rather my body was reacting badly to it and, on top of that, my performance values were getting worse and worse, I had to change something.

Did you alter anything in your training?

Oh yes. The first priority now is how my body feels. I try to avoid simply going through the motions in the training schedule but instead vary it according to how I feel. Last year I learnt a lot of new things, one of them being to listen out for certain signals from my body. Working together with my new trainer is a lot of fun, and I think that has also played a major part in my success.

Which bike do you ride in competitions?

The Rotwild HT R.R2.

Have you set yourself any targets for 2016 yet?

Nothing specific, I’m simply aiming to continue as in this season.

What are your plans now after the racing season?

I’m going to take part in a few photo shoots and enjoy the time at home in the beautiful Allgäu region. In any case, things get going again in November with preparations for the 2016 season. Anything you’d like to add? Thanks very much to the whole team – I can’t imagine a better team to ride with and I’m sure we’ll be sharing many more fantastic years together!

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