For the toughest downhill: “Der Kaiser 2.4 Projekt” by Continental

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Riders testing their downhill limits on a ROTWILD R.G1 FS Gravity Bike need a tyre with absolutely reliable grip. The Kaiser 2.4 Projekt by Continental has been designed for the most demanding World Cup routes and can therefore also be controlled at the limits. What makes this possible are its refined Apex and the double-layer 6/360 tpi casing. This design also gives the tyre tremendous torsional strength and puncture resistance.

To ensure optimum mileage for this high-end tyre, Black Chili Compound is used for the tread. As a result, when compared with a conventional silica tyre, this model has 26 per cent lower rolling resistance, 30 per cent higher grip and five per cent higher mileage. An additional all-round puncture protection layer makes Der Kaiser 2.4 Projekt especially resilient and resistant to damage. Despite the additional layer, the tyre has very good damping and rolls reliably over the most demanding of trails.

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