Five questions for Richie Schley to the status quo of MTB Freeriding

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Richie Schley is a pioneer of the Freeride movement and has experienced almost all developments in his sport first hand. But the recent tragic events at the Red Bull Rampage have caused debates. What is the future direction of Freeriding? We asked him about his opinion.

1. Events like the Red Bull Rampage are pushing the limits of MTB freeriding. You have been watching events like this for years. Do you think we reached the peak of gnarly tricks and spectacular lines or is there still room for more?

I have been riding in them and now watching them. I never thought we would be here, seeing flips off drops and double back flips, so I think it will keep evolving.  

2. How do you personally deal with the risk of injuries when freeriding?

I try to make smart decisions. Every once in a while you get too cocky and mistakes happen.  

3. If you look back to the beginnings of the MTB freeride/gravety movement and compare it to nowadays: what has changed? what's still the same? any developments you'd like to "rewind".

The bikes are so much better, tires, suspension, brakes, durability and angle of the frames.

There is much more speed involved these days. It was more of a slow to medium speed game of big jumps and roll ins.

The thing that has stayed the same are the steeps. Steep is steep and you can only ride so steep. It is just easier now with the better equipment.  

4. Where do you see professional MTB freeriding heading to in the future?

Hmmm, depends on who takes the lead. Slope style is cool, but is getting pretty stale in my opinion. Rampage is insane, but very dangerous. The leaders in the rider pack will dictate where it goes.  

5. Whats your advice for kids who dream of becoming a MTB freeride pro?

Do it because you love it and ride with in your ability level because there isn't a lot of money to be made and if you end up permanently injured, I don't think it is worth it.

[Translate to English:] Das Highlight Video vom Red Bull Rampage 2015 vermittelt einen ganz guten Eindruck vom Status Quo des MTB Freeride-Sports:

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