“Ergon GE1 SD” grips for full control and maximum comfort

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Uncomfortable or poorly damping grips frequently result in numb hands for bikers and are often take the fun out of a ride. In order to avoid this, all ROTWILD C, X and E models as well as the T+HT are equipped with Ergon GE1 SD grips.

The Ergon GE1 SD is the first ergonomic, rider-oriented grip for broad riser bars. The grip surface is rotated by eight per cent to the handlebar axis. This means that elbows are automatically raised outwards, and the rider automatically assumes the optimum posture for upper body and lower arms.  

The grips are fastened o the handlebars by a light, integral inner clamp made out of GFRP. The fully integrated grip is seamlessly connected with the inner core. This creates a soft, damping grip edge, which means that the hand can be positioned at the very outside of the bars. The ulna nerve on the outside of the hand, which is sensitive to pressure, is protected. The Ergon GE1 SD grips means that numb hands are no longer an issue for bikers.

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