Third place for Andrea Anjaría in Machalí

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After her successful downhill race at Polpaico, Andrea Anjarí brought her R.X1 FS 26“ to the Enduro Race La Sexta Round 2 in Machalí this past weekend.

While the special stages had sustained a lot of rain during the days leading to the race, sunshine on Sunday quickly dried down the track resulting in superb grip. This led to a great atmosphere amongst the 300 participants. This was the second Enduro race for Andrea who startet in the Enduro 2 category which had 3 special stages. The riders had to deal with demanding and tough climbs and after a while it was clear that the race had to be won mentally.

After five hours on the bike, Andrea came back again and was totally exhausted. After recovering for a little bit she commented: „The race was really tough. Extremely long uphills, where you had to push the bike uphill because some of the sections were impossible to ride up. The downhills were complicated. We had to go through steep water furrows, rock gardens and cross water streams. Changing and challenging conditions made it really tough. In the end, I came home in 3rd place although I had the impression that something went wrong with my timing on the second special stage. I won the first and third special stage with enough margin to my competitors. But at the 2nd special stage I was timed at 4th position, almost 2 minutes behind first place without any mechanicals or crashes.“

Andrea is now preparing for her next race at the Catemu DH race and her third Enduro Race in Curacaví.

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