Nadine Rieder claims National Championship XCE

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At the Bavarian town of Bodenmais, Nadine Rieder of Team AMG ROTWILD was able to defend her XCE National Champion title. Heavy rain and a demanding track could not hold her back from claiming the gold medal.

Nadine was able to dictate the pace at each run and eventually winning the final run with a comfortable 20 meters advance to her competitors.

After crossing the finish line, the rider from the German Allgäu area was very pleased with the outcome: „The race was running well right from the start. After having crashed at the previous XCO round at Albstadt and being sick for another 10 days, I had a hard time figuring out my current fitness. But I had great feeling on the technical and demanding track right from the start of practice. After qualifying first with a 3.51 seconds gap to 2nd place, this was well assuring. I won every heat during the main event and during finals, I was able to immediately position myself at the front to claim the win by a great margin. My ROTWILD R.R2 was running more than perfect no matter the wet conditions and this made me enjoy and take in the win and my new title.“

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