Design & Innovation Award 2016 for the R.X+ FS

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“ROTWILD has opened up a new level of terrain to explore”, The R.X+FS is honoured with the Design & Innovation Award 2016 by an international jury.

For 14 days about 40 international journalists, designer, engineers, World-Cup racers and marketing experts tested and discussed about more than 100 of the best products of the bike industry. The Award’s mission is to positively impact on the world of cycling. It serves as a forum for groundbreaking ideas and innovation while also recognising and celebrating the industry’s best products. The Award goes to the best products as well as rewarding innovation that shows massive potential for the future. With its multi-functional concept the ROTWILD E-MTB R.X+ FS 27.5 was a convincing bike:

“ROTWILD’s innovative and well-designed integration of the motor and battery bridge the divide between e-power and the geometry, kinematics, and riding behaviour of a good conventional enduro bike. The bike is fully plus-size compatible with innovative flip-chip chainstays, Boost spacing, and 30 mm rims. Optional plus-size tyres are an ideal match for the ROTWILD R.X+, finding traction and control under the powerful motor. The compact, intuitive control panel offers just enough information without being overloaded, and offers superb illumination at night. The 518 Wh battery and Brose engine are integrated seamlessly into the down tube, providing a cohesive silhouette, and the 140 mm of travel is controlled by Fox suspension. The ride is potent and aggressive, and with confident suspension and refined handling ROTWILD have opened up a new level of terrain to explore.”

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