Brakes in two specific race and trail configurations: „Shimano XTR M9000“

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XTR M9000 brakes from Shimano are available in two specific race and trail configurations. Insulated pistons and insulated pad coatings with a ten per cent increase in heat resistance ensure optimum thermal management and therefore reliable braking performance.

The XTR 9000 Race Brake has a magnesium calliper and main cylinder, while the brake lever blade is made of carbon. This ensures a harmonious balance between low weight and high performance. In contrast, the standout feature of the XTR M9020 Trail Brake is the extremely rigid monoblock brake calliper, which is equipped with ICE TECH brake pads with radiator fins for optimum heat dissipation. In combination with the SM-RT99 ICE TECH FREEZA disc rotors, these brakes ensure outstanding braking performance under all conditions.

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