FOX FLOAT DPS EVOL rear shock – best overall responsiveness, rock-solid lockout

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FOX has completely redesigned the FLOAT DPS EVOL rear shock for 2016. Its optimal overall responsiveness and rock-solid lockout are ideally suited to the ROTWILD All-Mountain bikes of the R.X1 FS and R.X1 FS series.

Thanks to the new Dual Piston System (DPS), the FLOAT dampers have three compression settings: OPEN, MEDIUM and FIRM. This allows the dampers to be swiftly adapted to changing terrain. Redesigned damping in FIRM mode additionally offers a true lockout but also more control and traction in OPEN and MEDIUM modes. A further innovation adopted from the Downhill World Cup and applied to series production is the extra volume (EVOL) air sleeve. It substantially increases the sensitivity of the damper, provides better responsiveness and greater traction. The increased volume of the negative air chamber means that the parameters of the air spring become linear. Air volume spacers additionally allow you to fine-tune the feel of the air spring to your own preferences.

Factory Series FOX [JH1] FLOAT DPS EVOL rear shocks, as installed in the 27.5 Edition and 27.5+ EVO top models of our ROTWILD R.X1 FS and R.X+ FS bikes, have an additional feature for chassis tuning with the OPEN Mode Adjust: this 3-stage fine tuning for the OPEN mode provides adjustment options for chassis movements that occur due to rider weight shifts during manoeuvres. Turning the knob to the fully open position (1) makes the chassis very sensitive, but it also reacts strongly to shifts in weight. In position 3, rider weight shifts have the smallest influence on performance. 

For more information about FOX dampers, see the FOX website.

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